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Membership Categories

Mechanical Insulation Contractor

This category is for any union or non-union mechanical insulation contractor who is operating in and has an official office or base in Alberta. Minimum annual dues are $1,000. Industry fund dues are $0.15/man hour as set out in the Insulators Collective Agreement and are submitted to CLR on a monthly basis. The first $1,000 of industry fund dues payable will be credited against the minimum annual dues annually. TIAA contractor members who pay industry fund dues are automatically members of our National Association Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC). TIAA contractor members who do not pay industry fund dues now have the option to add a TIAC membership when renewing or applying for their 2018 TIAA Open Shop, Non-Union membership. If you have already renewed your 2018 TIAA Open Shop, Non-Union membership and would like to become a 2018 TIAC member feel free to call or email the TIAA office at or 403.244.4487.

Supplier/Distributor and Manufacturers

This category is for any supplier/distributor or manufacturer who distributes or manufactures a mechanical insulation product or accessory used in this industry (may manufacture & distribute own product). Annual membership fees are $1,000.

Affiliate Members

This category applies to a company, body or institution that is not directly involved in the above categories, but does have some interest in the industry or trade as determined by the TIAA membership or Board of Directors. Annual membership fees are $1,000.

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